Patala Cluster Missile


Cluster missile

Tech level




Loading speed






Known Price Range

-> 1,570$ (Eanya)
-> 1,629$ (Ginoya)

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Once the missile has been fired, a swarm of small missiles dashes towards its target and detonates with a powerful force. Anybody who has ever survived this "rotary of rockets" will surely agree that these cluster-missiles are equally effective and dangerous.


  • The Patala is the successor of Garuda-IV.
  • If you fire a Patala, and quickly do an Action Freeze, then zoom away from your ship, you can look closely to the Patala missiles you have fired, and it is actually manufactured by AMR (the one making AMR Extinctor, AMR Oppressor, AMR Saber, etc.)
  • The Patala is the most powerful missile of its group. With a range of nearly 7km it can hit a target far away from you.
  • The Patala can only be bought in the Kaamo Club, however it can rarely be obtained by loot from pirates, and more commonly, Most Wanted criminals.
  • The Patala is the only cluster missile available without the Supernova add-on, as it can be bought from Jakk Zoboon at all times. 
  • Although the picture of the Patala shows 6 rockets, if you launch the missile, there is only a rotary of 5 rockets.
  • Like all cluster missiles, the Patala is named after Hindu mythology. In this case, Patala is the underworld of Hindu mythology. 
  • If all Missiles hit an enemy ship, the total damage would be 450.


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