"Look what the cat dragged in! The blueprint for a new Particle Shield. In these troubled times, You'd better not cruise the galaxy without protection!"

--Keith T. Maxwell upon discovering the Particle Shield

Particle Shield
Particle shield
Particle Shield Generator  S 



Tech Level




Loading speed


Gamma shielding


Known Price Range

-> 145,729$ (Augmenta)
-> 157,746$ (Me'enkk)

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

-> 723,665$ (Augmenta)
-> 796,361$ (Ni'mrrod)

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Through the simulation of the integrated Novanium cores with the aid of a special kind of plasma, the Particle Shield creates a huge antimatter bubble, which may even enclose the whole ship if it's supplied with enough energy.


  • It is the best shield available.
  • It is only available in the Supernova DLC.
  • The Terran freighter carrying the Particle Shield blueprint was destroyed by Mashon Redal, one of Mido's Most Wanted criminals.
  • In spite of the description stating that it needs to be supplied with energy, the Particle Shield doesn't need any energy that must be readily supplied by the player.


The blueprint is located in some Debris in the Wah'norr system, planet Va'lerrm.

Materials required for 1t Particle Shield:

For 1t Particle shield (Android):

It costs 973,043 credits to autocomplete.


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