Now that's a nice surprise. Looks like the Pandora Leech's well worth obtaining. It's said to be the most powerful transfusion beam in the galaxy.

- Keith

Pandora Leech
Pandora leech
Pandora Leech Transfusion Beam  S 


Transfusion Beam

Tech Level








Known Price Range

-> 77,439$ (Buntta)
-> 80,537$ (Weymire)

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

-> 534,270$ (Suteo)
-> 555,972$ (Prospero)

Loma Price


In-Game DescriptionEdit

Nivelian transfusion beam built on the basis of the Crimson Drain. The Pandora Leech is not only able to absorb energy from up to three targets at once but is also much more powerful, yet less wide-ranged, than the basic model. Since this device is not available on the market it is rumored to be the prototype of an extremely powerful high-tech weapon.


The blueprint for this weapon can be obtained by docking at some debris in the Alda system (Selbah) after the Supernova DLC has been installed.

Android blueprint

Trivia Edit

  • Using the 'Pandora Leech you can indirectly finish off any enemy ships in critical state' (in flames).
  • It is said that the Pandora Leech is the prototype of an extremely powerful high tech weapon (as given above). So in the future it is possible that another more powerful transfusion beam may be developed.
  • It looks like the Crimson Drain but it has a fatter back section.


When you accidentally fire upon a friendly or neutral ship and minimal damage is sustained, generally ONLY the ship damaged will turn on you. HOWEVER, in the event this happens, and your Pandora Leech locks on to that one ship to drain its energy, the entire security force of that faction will turn on you.


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