Pal Tyyrt
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Most Wanted


Dead (if bounty collected)


Galaxy on Fire 2

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Pal Tyyrt is a notorious drug dealer, who started his dubious career by making exclusive deliveries to a number of particularly brutish Vossk clans. After he got involved in the galaxy-wide distribution of the interstellar party drug Z'koom, however, his client base got notably bigger.


  • Pal Tyyrt is the first criminal on the Terran Most Wanted board.
  • You have to track down Pal Tyyrt in the course of the Supernova storyline.
    • However, you don't have to kill him to progress the storyline, but you will never see him again once he gives you what you want and you either enter the nearby station or leave the planet's orbit.
  • Z'koom is an addictive drug he gained profit from.

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