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Ore on sale found in a station shop.

Ore is mined from asteroids. They can also obtained as loot from destroyed or disabled ships and destroyed asteroids, or bought in shops.  Class A asteroids when mined can also provide ore cores. You can buy cores in the Ymir system.

Ores include:


Ores and cores are required for many blueprints:


  • Despite the description, some kind of ore can be found in every system. It is more accurate to state that each particular type of ore is not found in every system or in other words particular types of ore can be only found in particular parts of the star map. At the most extreme, Void Crystals and Novanium are each available in only one system.
  • In non-Extreme difficulties, all types of Ore (except for Void crystals and Novanium) can be bought at Rr'ostam Station in the Y'mirr System.
  • If you are having trouble mining ore in pirate-infested systems, you can try to accept a freelance mission in the local Space Lounge. Freelance Missions such as Junk Removal, Intercept, Escort, Wanted, Informer, Challenge, Protection, Defense and Pirate Hunting can leave you infinite time for mining ore without the disturbance of space pirates.
  • Three of the aforementioned minerals can be found on Earth, namely Gold, Iron and Titanium. Void Crystals are similar to SiO2 (silicon dioxide) in composition. SiO2 crystals with traces of Iron (Fe) and/or Manganese (Mn) can exhibit a pink or purple color, similar to Void Crystals from the GoF Universe.
  • Tip: If you are having trouble with mining or just don't have a good enough drill to attain the ore cores, try buying them, or smashing in to a class A asteroid of that type, as sometimes the core will be intact and you can tractor beam it in. The best place to purchase ore is the Y'mirr system. If you need to mine Titanium, head to K'ane in the Ni'mrrod system or if you have Supernova, the Mido Mining Plant at Coromesk.

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