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Rate of Fire

10000 ms




17000 Cr.

Explosive missile of Terran construction with effective explosive charge, but low flight velocity. Appropriate for slow, heavy targets.


- Weakest missile in the game

- (needs testing) missiles are capable of temporarily stunning enemy fighters

- The name is most likely from a species of  whale known as "Orcinus orca" more commonly refered to as a "Killer whale"

- Missiles can be used for a varaiety of situations in combat such as long range\high damage and they seem to be capable of stunning enemy fighters making them deadly if used at close range when paired with a thermo or plasma weapon. Missiles could also be used defensively due to the long range and stunning effect making them useful for retreating or defending freighters with another long range weapon like the photon cannons. Another good way to use missiles is when an enemy fighter get within range they will begin firing at you, if you launch a missile you can stun them so they can't attack use the stun effect to counter-attack and turn a battle in your favor or finish off your target.

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