Novanium Core
Novanium core
A Novanium Core


Ore core

Tech Level



Naneroh (Ginoya)

KnownPrice Range

-> 4,927$ (Mido)
->5,249$ (Ni'mrrod)

Loma Price


In-Game DescriptionEdit

The cemented core of Novanium.

Mining LocationEdit

Novanium Cores can only be mined at Naneroh in the Ginoya System. Make sure that you take a Gamma Shield II with you. This is the only core along with the Void Essence that can't be found at any Hangar unless you put it there.


  • Mining Novanium Cores before the end of the Supernova storyline is nearly impossible, as your Gamma Shield II is depleted before you can finish mining the asteroid.
  • One of the best ways to obtain a core is to destroy a Class A asteroid. They will, on occasion, drop a core.
  • After destroying one or two asteroids, it is wise to retreat to a station such as Var Lupra or Tadram and dock there to repair your Gamma Shield.
  • After finishing the storyline you should still take the Gamma Shield II with you but mining Novanium, especially the core, becomes much less of a challenge, especially if there aren't any pirates and you have good relations with the Midorians (that is, they won't attack you on sight; it is recommended that the Nivelians aren't hostile to you either due to the fact that they will occasionally attack Midorian systems). The best way to gain good relations (green dots) with the Midorians is to obtain a Midorian Signature Card. There are four types, one for each faction. They can be found in the Loma system after the Valkayrie+Supernova add-ons are bought.
  • The Gamma Shield seems to deplete slower at Naneroh after the Supernova storyline. Under best conditions, one can mine three or four asteroids before the Gamma Shield gives in.
  • If you find mining for Novanium Cores too hazardous, you can use Gunant's Drill or another fast drill and mine the ore. Even if you don't get the core itself, you can exchange 30t of Novanium for 1 Novanium Core at the mining plant in the Skavac system, planet Coromesk.
  • Also if you stock up on energy cells you can just jump between the void and Naneroh without having to go to a station every time, but you do run the risk of losing everything were you to die.

Trivia Edit

- Despite the game describing Novanium as a rare material and the usage of Novanium in some of the most advanced blueprints in the game, Novanium Cores are only tech level 3.

- The Novanium Core has the shortest description of any core in the game

- Novanium, in general, be it the cores or ore is the most expensive ore/core in the game, it is also the most difficult to obtain.


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