Norris Bernard
Norris Bernard











Norris Bernard is a Terran-Cyborg-Midorian from Gal-Nasthratia and now the Commander of the Mido Confederation station at Kernstal. How this came to be is an interesting story in itself.

Starting life in a travelling carnival family, Bernard's exposure to alien cultures from an early age left him adept at the nuances of rare terrestrial languages. His linguistic skills winning him a scholarship to the Terran lyceum, he applied for an exchange program to the distant and relatively unknown Monguska planets of Outer Biseria. It is unfortunately there that he caught the eye of a young Monguska princess who desired him for marriage.

Norris Bernard

Norris Bernard

Horrified at the prospect of being betrothed and then devoured, as is the custom, by an 800 kilo coleoptera, Bernard fled the system and immediately became a fugitive for jilting the princess. His subsequent years were spent in the relatively safe custody of pirates as their chief navigator and interpreter as he used every opportunity to alter his appearance with implants to avoid recognition.

His knowledge of the galaxy has nonetheless proved invaluable to the fledgling Mido Confederation, which he faithfully joined during the rebellion. His friendship with Gunant Breh has proved to be one of his most enduring, although no one else knows of his real past.

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