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Nivelian Emblem


A typical Nivelian


Two Nivelians at a Mido space lounge.


A typical Nivelian from GOF1

Nivelians are a bulky, stout, egg-laying reptilian species.


Judging by the tech levels of their space stations, the Nivelians are a technologically advanced species. Nivelians are also a significant species in galactic politics, as they are represented in two of the four recognized nations in Galaxy on Fire 2. Nivelians are enemies with the Mido Confederation.


Sometime between 3589 and 3624 A.D., the Nivelian Republic fell into a civil war. This event was later called simply the Nivelian Civil War. Although the cause of the war is not clear, as a result, the Mido system declared independence from the republic and formed the Mido Confederation. Many Terran rebels and outlaws also joined the confederation and make up a significant amount of Midorian population today. Eventually the Eanya system, formally part of the Nivelian Republic, also joined the Mido Confederation. During the Void conflict, the Nivelian Republic supplied the explosives that would destroy the Void Mothership. After the civil war the Nivelian Republic became a strict military nation.


  • "Toad face" is a derogatory term used by the Terrans to insult Nivelians.
  • Nivelians are most notable for their family loyalty and hardworking nature.

Famous NiveliansEdit


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