Nirai SPP-M50
Nirai SPP-M50 Repair Beam  K 


Repair Beam

Tech Level








Known Price Range

-> 356,612$ (Eanya)
-> 365,681$ (Augmenta)

The Nirai SPP-M50 offers repair capabilities from a distance.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The SPP-M50 has been developed by the Terran Navy. The device was only made available for civilian use upon completion of the M200. Hence it is the strongest freely available repair beam on the market.


Repair beams somehow use a focused beam of green energy to repair damage other ships (and sentry guns) have taken. This can repair ships up to six kilometers away and requires no input from its user to operate. Any ships outside its radius will simply not receive any repairs. Ships within it, however, will be repaired. If multiple ships are within range, the closest[verify!] three will be repaired. The three ships must be considered friendly (indicated as green dots) to the scanner, or else the repair ability will not affect them.

The 100% effect statistic appears to be a relative measure of the rates of repair versus other such beams.

Significantly improving on its successor, the SPP-C1, no longer will players feel restricted in keeping allies alive while dogfighting all over the place. Helpless ships can be aided without having to get really close to them and one at a time. An entire trio of wingmen, especially, can be kept alive through this repair beams' ability, even if they break formation in the middle of large firefights.

This repair beam can only be obtained through Jakk Zoboon in the Kaamo space lounge.


  • The description of this item mentions a model called the "Nirai SPP-M200" that is implied to be even stronger than the M50. However, the item is completely unavailable to the player.
  • This is the best repair beam.