Nirai SPP-C1
Nirai SPP-C1 Repair Beam


Repair Beam

Tech Level








Know Price Range

-> $65,680 (Augmenta)
-> $68,336 (Me'enkk)

The Nirai SPP-C1 offers repair capabilities from a distance.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

A civilian repair-laser, which is particularly popular among traders and merchants. Since its operation range is rather limited, you have to be close to the objects you're about to repair.


Repair beams somehow use a focused beam of green energy to repair damage other ships have taken. However, it can only operate within a relatively small 1.5 kilometres. No user input other than moving it in range of a ship is required. Any ship outside its radius will simply not recieve any repairs. Any ship within it, however, will be repaired. If multiple ships are within range, the closest[verify!] one will be repaired.

Its 60% effect statistic appears to be a relative measure of the rates of repair versus other such beams.

The usefulness of repair beams is doubted by many because of their late introduction to the game. However, they are great for keeping wingmen alive, as their firepower and presence will distract enemy fire. Repair beams significantly help in the protection and escort freelance missions, because otherwise-permanent damage done to the helpless ships can be undone.


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