The Nirai company originally specialized in low cost mass-market productions. Unfortunately there was an incident in which an entire batch of the Nirai Laser FX exploded simultaneously in various locations around the galaxy, due to a date error in the on-board computer software. After the closure of all of Nirai factories, no new weapons were manufactured.



  • It is highly probable that Fishlabs took the idea for this event from the feared theoretical Y2K virus that people feared would cause numerous errors in computers when the year 2000 began, because of the two-digit date notation ('98" for 1998, "99" for 1999, etc.) changing from 99 to 00.
  • The Midorian Most Wanted Criminal Mashon Redal worked at the Nirai factories. He used to produce Charge lasers.
  • Even though all Nirai factories were closed, Nirai is most likely still developing and releasing new repair beams, shown when the Nirai SPP-M200 was stated.

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