Netor derp


A fresh arrival to Deep Science, Netor is the newest addition to the friendship between Terrans and the ancient and enigmatic Grey race.

The exact relationship between Khador and Netor is still speculation, as gender differentiation is as yet misunderstood by other species. Station gossip has it that the two are lovers, but there is no outward display of affection to prove such an analysis.

A striking observation of the Greys is their nearly exact similar appearance, tone, and intensity of speech, which makes matters very confusing indeed.


  • Netor is a Grey and a friend of Khador.
  • He invented a Primary Weapon called the Disruptor Laser.
  • He resides at Inari Onu station in the Vulpes system.
  • Maxwell meets Netor in the Valkyrie expansion pack and obtains a Void Essence  required for the laser for him.
  • Maxwell later killed a thief that stole his Disruptor Laser. Netor, fearing that the laser will fall into the wrong hands, hands the bluepriunt to Maxwell.
  • He is a Deep Science member, but played no role and is not seen working with Deep Science.