Rate of Fire

260 ms




28000 Cr.

Not to be confused with the GoF2 ship of the same name.

The Nemesis is a strong thermo weapon in Galaxy on Fire 3D.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Advancement on the Helios thermo gun. Improved penetration power through highly charged nanoparticles.

Characteristics Edit

This weapon is one of the three thermo weapons available in GoF3D, along with the Helios and Hydra. It's the second best of all three thermo weapons available on the market. When fired, it has a generally slow rate of fire if there's no enemies nearby. However, in battle, the closer an enemy is to your ship, the greater the rate of fire on this weapon is, dealing more damage towards the enemy, making it a useful last resort and/or close range weapon.

Gallery Edit

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