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In-Game DescriptionEdit

You want a good scouting ship that has that sleek Nivelian sheen? Then you want the Moornta. I just call it the Morny. Or Morn. It looks like a Morn. You know? It's fast. It gets in and it gets out. When it wants to get out? It gets out! Fast. It's gone. Like space lightning! If that was a thing. Or uh, is that a thing? Entry # 71 Saya's Ship Shakedown! -Saya Nehiro


A small, blue, maneuverable Nivelian scout introduced in Galaxy on Fire: Manticore, the third game in the galaxy on fire series. It appears to have three engines and two duel gun slots. It has a few striking differences to the Nivelian scout ships seen in Galaxy on Fire 2, as it is sleeker and bulkier. For example, most Nivelian ships in Galaxy on Fire 2 are known for their maneuverable ships with long arms extending from the cockpit resembling the hulls of a modern day catamaran. Where as the Moornta has a wider frame with the cockpit sitting in the middle.

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