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The Mido Mining Plant.

The Mido Mining Plant is a huge factory built by Midorians in the orbit of planet Coromesk, Skavac system, shortly after the events of Valkyrie addon.

The player can use it for his/her own needs by bringing 30t (for non-extreme) or 100t (for extreme) of ore of any type and it will be exchanged for 1 core of the same type. It can be useful for blueprints building if a player can't get the core needed from asteroids due to cheap drill, bad drilling skills, radiation (for Novanium mining) or constant attacking enemies (for Void crystals mining). For anything not to be used in a blueprint, it's very unprofitable, as 30t of ore (much less 100t) always costs far more than 1t core.


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The Mido Mining Plant concept art.


Evolution of the Mido Mining Plant

  • The plant is constantly attacked by pirates and seemingly has no defenders or turrets to fight back.
  • Your ship will lose health points when the enemy is firing at you, even though the mining plant doesn't. The plant does not serve as a shield or protection for your ship.

Unlike stations:

  • The plant has a health bar. However, it's always at 100% health, no matter how heavily it's being attacked.
  • The plant's health bar indicates its allegiance to Mido, having its logo, but even if a player is enemies with Mido faction, no bribe is required to dock.
  • Docking on the platform visually resembles docking on a large ship to transfer cargo (such as evacuating passengers) or hack. Docking does not take the player to a Station screen with tabs for Hangar, Space Lounge, Missions (including the Midorian Most Wanted boards), the ability to save the game, nor does it restore a docked ship to full armor/shield/gamma health bars. In fact, the ship can take additional damage while it is docked.

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