Commodity microchips 250



Tech Level


Known Price Range

-> 14$ (Nesla)
-> 83$ (Ni'mrrod)

 A very practical yet widely used commodity in the GOF2 universe. The Microchip  plays an important role in the GOF2 storyline as without it you wouldn't be able to finish it; the Microchip is one of the components you need in order to build the Khador Drive.

In-Game Description Edit

Following the discovery of the smallest particles in the universe, microchips have shrunk enormously. If you buy a load of microchips, consider using a hadron microscope to check they are all there before paying.


Microchips are required in the following blueprints:

Qty Blueprint
2t Intelli Jet
5t AMR Extinctor
5t Liberator
10t Yin Co. Shadow Ninja
15t 128MJ Railgun
20t Mass Driver MD 10
75t Khador Drive
80t Fluxed Matter Shield


  • The inscription PLR TEC can be seen on them. That may be the manufacturer of the Microchips.
  • This maybe the company that produces them.
  • This commodity has a relatively low price for having such an important manufacturing role.
  • These are more common in systems with higher tech levels, especially Nivelian systems and Thynome.


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