...Until someone brought back a piece of Mhaan-Tiq. An organic spore that spread through the whole sector. 'Glow' as it came to be known. It had applications in medicine, military - even as an energy source. Right now, it's the most valuable resource in the galaxy.
–Bryce Vantok

Mhaan-tiq (pronounced Man-teek), also known as "Glow," is a Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore-exclusive ore, and serves as the game's secondary, much rarer currency, the primary being credits.

Though being the rarest currency in GoF3 , finding them is not difficult. A freelance mission usually give you 10 Mhaan-tiq ( or 1 in some but it is advised that players advoid these missions as the reward is little ). They can be useful when you miss rarer weapon blueprints

Mhaan-tiq is found exclusively in the Neox Sector. As it is rare and highly sought-after, the inhabitants of the area have milked it dry of the precious ore, a byproduct of the metabolic process of a unique form of space-borne fungal spore. It is also unknown how Mhaan-tiq's energy is stored - however it is collected from space radiation. This radiation energy can be used for all kinds of applications - in medicine, military technology, anywhere power is helpful. Mhaan-Tiq is also highly explosive and volatile, and large scale storage exploding is what led to The Shattering.

The Vossk are susceptible to a form of Mhaan-Tiq poisoning. The spore, once it has infected a Vossk, can spread like a virus, infecting and killing thousands. Plague stations have been set up in the Porros Nebula for treatment of this disease.

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The ore glows a neon-turqoise colour, which is visible from the outisde of asteroids - almost like neon cracks in the rock. Mhaan-tiq is said to be to asteroids like what fungus is to rocks and tree stumps. Thin, strand-like spores spread throughout the host asteroid, and hollow them out.


  • Mhaan-tiq ore, when said quickly, sounds like 'Manticore', the name of the game's title. This is most likely done on purpose by the developers. The way it is spelled appears similiar to Vossk language.
  • Mhaan-tiq is said to be used as a drug by some species.
  • Mhaan-tiq is exclusive to the Neox Sector.
  • Asteroids containing this substance can be found throughout the Porros Nebula and some places in the Trim.