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June 7, 2013
  • I live in Singapore and the The Hideout
  • My occupation is Pro Gamer and Deathless Swordsman
  • I am an elite Deathless.
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  • Ok Chesse here's the thing I notice that the only thing you care about on the wiki is the wiki, what I mean by that is is that were kinda vering off gof2 and alliances and this wiki is starting to become a place for agrguments, deleting random stuff that does not need to be deleted and just drama in my opinion witch does not need to happen, please let's end this here ok bud?

    Regards, 0x25px'Spectercollector My wall

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  • Hey Cheese, just a heads up. I undid you revision on the Ketar Repair Bot II stub. Reason being was that the info you removed was unnecessary. The info previously stated was accurate and substantial. Try not to delete a lot of existing info on stubs that is accurate and that provides insight. The main function of the "EDIT" feature is to ADD info and REVISE spelling, grammar mistakes and OCCACIONALY remove info when its appropriate, and by that I mean info that is plainly wrong.

    Thankx for your comprehension buddy!

    Kinzer rs clean~Muzic Beaner~ 19:38, April 8, 2014 (UTC) 

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    • Cheese Ausar wrote:
      And, uh, there was this category called Nivelian Systems.

      Isn't that just the same thing as the other categories?

      Post a thread on the Deletion/Overhaul board if you want something done about it.

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    • Muzic Beaner wrote:

      Cheese Ausar wrote:
      Also, you said this: "The main function of the "EDIT" feature is to ADD info and REVISE spelling, grammar mistakes and OCCACIONALY remove info when its appropriate, and by that I mean info that is plainly wrong."

      Well, I get your point, and yes, information that is plainly wrong should be removed.

      However, it is not wrong when I delete stuff. The function of editing is to both add stuff and delete stuff as the user sees fit, as long as it does not break the rules of the wiki. There's no rule that says deleting info is wrong (unless it's obvious vandalism).

      Well, we're talking about the repair bot here, not Ketar. Any information about the company should go to the Ketar page, right?

      Let me address this in order as to not loose track.

      REVISING: Yes, adding, editing, removal of information is all good in moderation and under good judgment and for good reason. However, I've noticed many of your revisions to be simply removal of information based on your own personal opinion of whether the info is accurate or not or if it belongs there. Unfortunately we can't really remove someone else's contribution to a page based off our personal opinion of agreeing with it or not. Yes, you are right there is no stated rule regarding this, but this lies further than a simple rule, its wiki etiquette. Remember that this wiki is a COLABORATION of information by contributing Wikians who may or may not share your same opinions, and to remove someone else's informational contribution based on whether we agree on it or not its not correct. Like I sated previously, the only circumstance under which I see fit to completely remove someone else's contribution is for example something like "Trivia: *The Specter is of Nivelian origin but built by Terran Contractors." That obviously is a false piece of information and I would be one to delete it. But case in point, I just don’t think its right we modify pages to "our liking" based on difference of opinion over the INFO and not factual reasoning.

      KETAR REPAIR BOT II: Ketar and Rapair Bot II are two in one. Hence the name KETAR REPAIR BOT II. You're trying to separate one whole product into its firm. Yes KETAR is a repair bot manufacturing firm and there is a page for it, but in this case its talking about one of its specific products, which carries the name of the firm in its name, so addressing it by KETAR Repair Bot II by no means strayes from the topic.

      All this is MY PERSONAL opinion, and its openly subject to review and clarification by others if necessary.

      Kinzer rs clean~Muzic Beaner~ 16:29, April 11, 2014 (UTC)

      KETAR is the company, not the REPAIR BOT. It bears the same name, but that doesn't mean stuff from Ketar goes there. Ketar Repair Bot II is also a completely new bot, with different textures and stats. Therefore, it doesn't improve on its predecessor's stats, in which case it would be a sort of software or something.

      The stuff I removed (remember, there's nothing wrong about that) was mainly comparisons with other ships; why'd you need a comparison? The user reading that page can just check out the stats and make a comparison based on his own opinion, in which case the page is not doing.

      Every user here has prominence, and they are free to edit what they want, unless it breaks the rules.

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  • Are we cool? You know?

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  • I have been recieving complaints from many people about how you are talking to them. This "attitude" I've been seeing from you is a real bother to everyone. I can dig up a few examples:

    Please stop.

    Nivelian~NiveliKing~ 05:03, March 8, 2014 (UTC)

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    NiveliKing closed this thread because:
    17:56, March 8, 2014
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    • Admins,

      Don't mean to bud in..but guys arent we being a bit too harsh on him? I've read many of his posts, and althought not in the best way possible but he just simply states his thoughts and opinions. I think with a bit of coaching he should shape up?

      Cheese Ausar,

      In truth buddy, you do kinda have to watch how you state things, remember that we comunicate through writting here and the words you choose and order in wich you state them give a definite meaning. Maybe its not your intention to come across as people have percieved you but sometimes this happens. Just try to watch the way you express youself ok? The goal is to have a good time here make friends and contribute to the wiki and I for one would hate to see you go over minor things. Have a good one man!

      Kinzer rs clean~Muzic Beaner~ 14:38, March 8, 2014 (UTC)

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    • Okay, thanks! :D

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    8100DSTAR closed this thread because:
    There has been no evidence to support this warning.
    13:06, February 18, 2014
    • What?

      I have seriously no idea what you're talking about. Sarcastic language is an offence? Besides, is there a rule that says so?

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    • Actually to be honest, (no sarcasm intended) I don't care too much if you ban me.

      I am, on this wiki, what I call myself a 'chiller'. I don't really edit - I just use this as an info source or a place to chat. Wikis are not hierachies. If perhaps one day I am told by someone that I need to start editing if I want to remain here, I will not follow. 

      For I am free of what I want to do (of course, except breaking the rules). If I want to edit, I've my fair share of editing as an admin on the Infinity Blade wiki.

      If this long text seems unecessary, just read the first sentence.

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    • AND, I've been hanging around as an anon since the beginning of 2013.

      I'll stop now.

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  • WelcomeEdit

    Hi, welcome to Galaxy on Fire Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Gunant Breh page.

    Please read the wiki's about section for information on the Galaxy on Fire wiki and its policies.

    Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! Totechalienrexstar (talk) 01:19, June 7, 2013 (UTC)

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