Mass Driver MD 10
Mass Driver MD 10 Cannon



Tech Level




Loading speed


Damage per second






Known Price Range

-> $87,630 (Prospero)
-> $114,314 (Pan)

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Alongside Thermo-weapons, the Mass Driver MD 10 has the fastest rate of fire on the market. Unfortunately, its production requires vast quantities of resources, so the weapon is increasingly rare and a popular target for thieves, who steal them from unattended ships.

Blueprint Edit

The blueprint for this weapon costs $59,999 and can be found in the Y'mirr system, inside the K'mirkk station.

For 1t Mass Driver MD 10:

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android)Edit

For 1t Mass Driver MD 10:

It costs 150,578$ to autocomplete.


1t Mass Driver MD 10 is required for the Icarus Heavy AS blueprint.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mass Driver MD 10 is the fastest firing weapon in the game.
  • The Mass Driver MD 10 outclasses all other auto-cannons in the game except the Mass Driver MD 12 (Supernova), being superior to all of them in every single state, especially damage per second.
  • The Mass Driver MD 12 is the successor of Mass Driver MD 10.
  • Despite being the fastest firing weapon in the game, the man who sells you the blueprint says that he knows of one that fires faster.
  • Though the description says that it is a popular target for thieves, there is no such mechanic that will make the player lose it and have to rebuild another one.


The Mass Driver MD 10 sells for 114,314 credits in Pan. Its production uses 149t of cargo space and 36,873 credits worth of items. Resulting in 77,441 credits in profit.

Quantities and Prices
Tons Items

Unit Price

55 Gold 104 5720
31 Energy Cells 734 22754
16 Mechanical Supplies 309 3344
20 Microchips 84 1680
27 Hydraulics 125 3375
149 Total 36873