Mantis (GOF2HD)
Mantis as it appears in GOF2HD



Cargo hold


Primary weapons


Secondary weapons










In-Game DescriptionEdit

The Mantis is one of the largest and most dangerous ships on the market. Weapons, armor, modules - everything has been maxed out for this model. Only one ship per person please!

Upgraded StatsEdit

Upgrade Upg.
Cost w/
VIP Card
Armor 280 827,360 1,654,720
Handling 137 827,360 1,654,720
Equipment 13 1,654,720 3,309,440
Cargo 105 1,241,040 2,482,080

 K  Upgrades are only available at the Kaamo station lounge.


The Mantis is a very large ship. It is a pirate ship, and is one of the best ultimate ships. It has 4 primary weapon slots and 4 secondary weapon slots, similar to the Aegir, making it ideal for fighting. This ship is towards the mid-range compared to the other ultimate ships, being more expensive than the Veteran and Aegir, but cheaper than the S'Kanarr and the Nemesis.

The Mantis has the second-most available weapon slots, since with an automatic turret, the S'Kanarr can have 5 weapons firing at once, which is greater than the Mantis's 4. However, the Mantis also has a larger amount of equipment slots, more than the S'Kanarr and the Aegir with 11, but lower than the Nemesis with 14. Overall, the Mantis is superior to every ultimate ship in the game in some aspects - Aegir has less equipment, Veteran has fewer Primary Weapons, the S'Kanarr and Nemesis have fewer Secondary weapons, and the VoidX, said to be the best in the game, has less cargo space.


  • Its the best and most lethal ship the Pirates have in their hangar.
  • It is also the most heavily armed ship in the game (pre-Valkyrie).
  • The ship is often seen as part of the pirate "fleets" that attack stations and patrol the Loma system.
  • This ship is the second most expensive ship in the base game, it is the fourth most expensive in Valkyrie.
  • The reason the Mantis doesn't have a lot of cargo is that it has used a lot of room for weapons and equipment.
  • If you look at both sides of the cockpit, you will see a shark's face.
  • Despite being expensive (hence the one-ship-per-person-please), it is actually numerous in the Pirate fleets.
  • With the shark teeth decal, the Mantis resembles F-4 Phantom II fighters from the Cold War.


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