Linear Boost



Tech Level




Loading speed


Boost duration


Known Price Range

-> 4,726$ (Augmenta)
-> 5,704$ (Ni'mrrod)

The Linear Boost briefly increases the top speed of a ship. This model is the cheapest of the available boosters in Galaxy on Fire 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Briefly increase your ship's top speed. The Linear Boost is the cheapest booster on the market, but also the least reliable.


Boosters are activated by pressing an upwards-turned fast-forward button at the bottom of the HUD. After the boost has been used, a certain amount of time must pass before it can be used again, indicated by the button fading noticeably.

The performance of a booster depends on three factors: How much it increases a ship's speed, how long it lasts, and how long it must rest before it its used again. Its affordability gives curious pilots a good taste of how boosters can benefit them in their travels.

Keith normally flies his ships around 450 km/h, unless he is travelling between planets or star systems. With the Linear Boost installed, he can increase its top speed to 720 km/h for three seconds, but must then rest for eight before using it again.

In the heat of combat, even this affordable of a boost can allow a pilot to escape close-range fire, perhaps even allowing him or her to recover and retaliate. And while travelling across the emptiness of space--or if foolish enough to approach a firefight--using this booster can help you reach your intended destination just a little faster.


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