Kyrrk Tasst
Smart, loyal, genius










Galaxy on Fire: Manticore Rising

Due to his strong build, unflinching character, and full determination, Kyrrk Tasst once had a promising career ahead of him. After all, he had everything the belligerent Vossk expected of a great clansman... and probably even a future leader.

But all this lost meaning when he was caught mating with an infertile female - an inexcusable shame that was strictly proscribed by the law of his clan. When he refused to redeem his honor by killing his mate, he was proclaimed a pariah. Exiled to the far side of the galaxy, he eked out a living as a gun-for-hire and eventually secured a gig as assistant quartermaster at Nova Defense Services under no other than Bryce Vantok.

Raised as a member of his clan's elite, Kyrrk Tasst is highly intelligent, extremely disciplined and formally educated. Although he has been living among Terrans for years, he has not forgotten his past and the values on which he was raised.

Kyrkk's favorite ship is the Vossk gunship named 'Shamash'. He likes ships with 'claws' (weapons). The Shamash has lot of claw.

Kyrrk Tasst

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