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Deep Science, Terran

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Kothar is the only planet in the Beidan System and the headquarters of Deep Science. It has a lone station in the orbit.

The station is the Deep Science Headquarters in the Valkyrie expansion pack. The side of the station is seperated when Alice hits it with a beam weapon.

Mining OresEdit


  • Other than Valkyrie Station the Kothar station is the only one not having a Space Lounge.
  • In GOF2 HD the station has numerous inscriptions like "A08" and "DEEP SCIENCE".
  • Even if you touch the destroyed right wing then activate the autopilot to go to the Station, you'll be instantly inside the station
  • It is the only station that does not resemble a station of its faction.
  • This space is shrouded in a blue haze.
  • All of the asteroids there seem to be made of ice or to be frozen rocks unlike naneroh's asteroids which have lava flow inside of them.


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