Kinzer RS
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Kinzer RS in GoF2 HD



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In-Game DescriptionEdit

The flamboyant colouring of the Kinzer RS serves as a warning to all those foolish enough to engage with this high-tech fighter. Due to its strong armament and high number of equipment slots, the Kinzer RS is particularily hard to take down. Fortunately, its enemies can spot it from afar and program a course of evasion.

Upgraded StatsEdit

Upgrade Upg.
Cost w/
VIP Card
Armor 460 1,786,000 3,572,000
Handling 145 1,786,000 3,572,000
Equipment 16 3,572,000 7,144,000
Cargo 95 2,679,000 5,358,000

 K  Upgrades are only available at the Kaamo station lounge.

Alternate InformationEdit

The Kinzer RS is a very powerful, maneuverable ship, its cargo hold is just below that of the Teneta R.E.D. but the extra equipment slots allow you to attach more cargo extenders like Rhoda Blackholes. It is a powerful ship, capable of mounting four primaries and four secondaries, as well as 15 equipment standard, and the firing arc of its primary weapons is comparable to that of the VoidX, the weapons being concentrated at the front and center of the ship. It is arguably one of the best ultimate ships in the game, having many equipment slots, strong armor, and heavy armament. However, the lack of a turret makes it slightly vulnerable to attack from behind, but with a boost and steering nozzle it can turn and escape very quickly. It can only be purchased at the Kaamo Club lounge for a high price. It is the successor of the Kinzer.


  • The Kinzer RS has the letters "KNOS" written on the right side of the hull.
  • Like almost all Nivelian ships, it consists of a sleek cockpit with two fins extending towards the front on either side.
  • Near the engines, it says "Hot Surface!"
  • The RS in Kinzer RS could mean "Rally Sport" or "Racing Ship" since it is very brightly coloured and/or it is very fast in-game.
  • It is arguably the one of the best, and most flamboyant, ships in the game, followed by the Bloodstar, Teneta R.E.D. or the VoidX
  • It has the words "caution" and "we love warren" below the words KNOS. "Warren" could be one of the game's developers, although he/she is not featured in the credits of GoF2.
  • This ship has a good firing arc.
  • The Kinzer RS is only obtainable at the Kaamo Club space lounge via Umnar Zoboon.
  • The Kinzer RS paint job may have been influenced by the Porsche RS Spyder race car as both sport a paint job of yellow with red and black.
  • It looks like Bumblebee from Transformers.