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Khador is one of the most interesting, yet tedious, inhabitants of the galaxy. Exploring Terran systems during the civilization's age of galactic discovery, he was captured by Terran scientists and considered an extreme oddity, due to his similarity in appearance to a much documented species from ancient Terran folklore. His own curiosity of the Terran matched their curiosity of him, and as ever in high enthusiasm for "retro" tech, he delighted in the primitive tools of this strange species.

With a penchant for excitable chatter, Khador famously talked several Terran doctors through his own dissection. Living for two Terran millennia or more, some even speculate that Khador may possess more knowledge of the roots of Terran civilization than they do themselves. For this reason they keep him, and his occasional Grey companions who come to assist in his research, close and safe. Khador's contributions to the furthering of Terran knowledge have been unmatched.

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In Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore, Khador's invention causes the The Shattering. He developed a glow-infused bomb which was set up by Sh'Gaal. He is the main antagonist of Act 2. The player defeats him, resulting in gaining info about the leader of Indigo Brink.


  • Khador is a Grey scientist who works for the Terrans at Deep Science. He is credited for inventing the Khador Drive which allows inter-system travel without the use of a jumpgate, in which Keith T. Maxwell contributed to by obtaining 50 Void Crystals.
  • In the Valkyrie expansion, whilst testing ships with an intergrated Khador Drive, he is captured by pirates working for Alice and then rescued by Keith T. Maxwell. In the Supernova DLC, he gets scared of a new arrival.
  • Players also encounter Netor, a friend of Khador and the player is then able to obtain the Disruptor Laser blueprint for free.
  • In Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore, Khador's appearance changed like all the greys, his head and eyes are rounder than in Galaxy on Fire 2.
  • Khador was born more than two Terran millennia ago.
  • Rumor has it that Khador may know even more about the roots of Terran civilization than the Terrans themselves.
  • Khador is also the name of a prize ship from Mkkt Bkkt's Neox Gladiator Seasonal Event in Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore, which is a modified version of a standard Nivelian Gunship.
  • Most people pronounce Khador, Car-Door (an interesting fact in itself). However, Alice, most likely in impatience, pronounces it Caddor at the end of Supernova.