K-yuul Mining Laser 250
K'yuul Mining Laser


Mining laser

Tech Level






Known Price Range

-> 29,993$ (Eanya)
-> 43,788$ (S'kolptorr)

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The Vossk brought a mining laser to market some time ago, which they simply called K'yuul, meaning "drilling" in the Vossk tongue. The drill's laser is amazingly accurate, though the constant need for re-calibration reduces the quantity of ore it can mine in any given session.


  • It is the only Vossk Mining Laser.
  • It is sometimes considered the worst drill for pros due to the low amount of ore obtainable, despite accuracy.
  • The drill is a good choice for the Supernova medal "Ore Athlete" as it has a high accuracy but a low yield value, which means easy mining while not filling up your cargo hold too fast.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android)Edit

  • The handling and yield values are reversed in this version, thus eliminating its uniqueness than the other mining devices.


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