The anti-fungal extract K'mirkk Toad Mutagen is acidic and highly volatile. it can be purchased on Bak S'ondorr. Here are the coordinates. but you need to take extra special care when transporting it.
–Mkkt Bkkt

K'mirkk Toad Mutagen



Tech Level


Known Price Range

-> 59,391$ (Me'enkk)
-> 61,084$ (Me'enkk)

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

-> 527,238$ (Me'enkk)
-> 534,373$ (Me'enkk)

K'mirkk Toad Mutagen is a commodity that appears in the Supernova add-on. It is one of two that can destroy a ship should it be handled improperly.


Because only two items in Galaxy on Fire 2: Supernova are volatile, a full description of the associated behaviors will be listed below.

The effects of the K'mirkk Toad Mutagen activate upon loading at least 1t to a ship's cargo hold. Should the player attempt to activate the Khador Drive, a message will appear:

"You can't use the Khador Drive when transporting volatile goods. The charging of the drive generates too much heat and could lead to an explosion."

This notifies that the player cannot use the Khador Drive to warp, and will always appear until the Toad Mutagen has been removed from the cargo hold.


  • Even after the required mission, it is still possible to obtain this item.
  • Even though K'mirrk Toad Mutagen is a highly volatile substance and it is extremely hazardous to transport it over great distances, it only sells for about $64,000 per ton at Loma.
  • This commodity is not used to build any Blueprints.
  • K'mirkk is actually a planet in the Y'mirr system, an isolated system with no way in or out without the use of a Khador Drive, which makes shipping the mutagen between Y'mirr and the other Vossk systems impossible unless you use the Transporting Volatile Goods Using Khador Drive glitch. You can find this glitch on the glitches page.
  • Although they are tech level 10 they can still be found in lower tech level stations.
  • In rare cases, it can be found in Vossk Freighters.