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One of the most talented and impressive AIs in the known universe. Managed to raise itself up from simple assistance AI to something more. Well respected for philosophical insights into all things organic, being an autodidact master on the subject. Also known by many as exceptionally hilarious and a master of witty banter. Numerous scientific research institutes have requested to study this AI, to attempt to quantify the nature of humor as they have mastered organic humor so very well. It is also famously good as a fighter AI and could even run an entire carrier, if the crew would stop being stubborn. As they are, it is also so good at being a systems-assist AI. It is also very popular with pilots and has turned down numerous requests to be put into other fighters as their assist AI.


Jalen is an AI, originally taken from a Gr'Gath pirate at the beginning of Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore. Throughout the game she assists the player, letting them know of dangers, if certain objects are of any use, and generally being an all-round nuisance. Though being helpful and witty, she talks a lot, and adapts a slight 'Jar-Jar syndrome'. She is, however, rather amusing at times.

She also has her own taste in art. Her favourite appears to be Vossk art. She is, however, not a fan of Octopod erotica.


  • Jalen is able to detect incoming attacks, and has a vast range of knowledge on enemy attack methods, weapons and other things.
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  • She is also skilled with hacking through satellites to find foreign objects.


  • It may result in hotshot antics!"
  • "Careful pilot, you are still new, fly with caution."
  • "Haha! All the turrets must die!"
  • "Hacking attempt, HACKING ATTEMPT!"
  • "I like Vossk art. The lines, the colours, the violence... are all solid."