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Galaxy on Fire 2



Among the traders that set up shop in the Kaamo Club is the Bobolian Jakk Zoboon. He and his relative Umnar Zoboon deal in goods exclusive to them, instead of providing ship upgrades like the other merchants in the space lounge. While Umnar offers rare, exclusive ships, Jakk offers special weapons and equipment:

If the player has purchased the Kaamo Club VIP card ($0.99 US), all of these prices are halved and are in the middle of their price ranges.

Jakk sells only one of these items at a time, but seems to sell an infinite amount of those items if offered successively. The item he will offer will change from time to time, so it is suggested to check back in the Kaamo space lounge often. However, one does not simply stop by a nearby station and fly back to Kaamo to change the item being offered. After every 3 station visits Jakk should change his item, unless the game's engine puts back the same item Jakk was selling earlier.

Hints to buying particular weapons from Jakk:

It is true that Jakk's choice of item sold resets after the player docks 3 different stations. If you would like to buy say, 4 "Raccoons," from Jakk, here is a little tip. Normally, you would dock at your third station then head to Kaamo to talk to Jakk, and if you don't like the weapon he's selling, you go through the process again.

However, since the system resets as you dock and leave the third station, save your game when you're at the second station. Dock at the third and jumpgate or use the Khador Drive to dock at Kaamo. If you don't like the weapon he is selling, go to 'Game Options' and 'Load Game'. Load the game where you're at the second station and repeat again until you can buy the weapon of your choice.