Informer is a freelance mission avalible in Galaxy on Fire 2. In Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore, informers are found randomly in contract missions, and drop important information about bosses.

Mission (GoF2)Edit

You will find a person in the space lounge who wants you to eliminate a spy in a space station's security force. You must go outside and, using your scanner, find the person marked 'Informer' and eliminate him. Don't destroy any of the other ships or you will fail the mission. Once you fire upon the informer, the rest of the security force will attack you, but if you dock at that station, you can pay a bribe to return the ships to neutral status. Once you dock, you will get your credits.

Tips and Tricks (GoF2)Edit

  • Use a Booster to help you quickly get back to the space station
  • Equip a fast-working scanner to find the informer quickly.
  • Depending on the amount of ships there are, these missions can be very time consuming.
  • If you have wingmen, find and target the informer, click on the button near the Fire button (not the Secondary Weapon Fire button), click on "Wingmen," then "Attack My Target." Your wingmen will open fire at the target, but no one will attack you, even after the informer dies.
  • Before you accept the mission, make sure that if you are frendly with the faction who offered you the job, that you do not have a repair beam as you will consequently heal all the damage that is inflicted to the informer (if you are using wingmen. Otherwise, the ship will turn hostile.) The repair beam does have a range, however, so if you want to use your wingmen with the beam equipped, boost as far away as you can from the informer.

Informers in Galaxy On Fire 3:ManticoreEdit

Informers in Gof3 are an uncommon sighting in Contract missions that clues regarding a boss. When one informer is shot down, the first one will drop the weakness hint of the upcoming boss. When the second Informer is shot down, the location (or strength, depending on the pirate) will be given. If a third informer is needed to find the pirate, the third one will give the location of the Most wanted person.