Weapons systems

2 (Lasers, Plasma)



Cargo Hold




The Icarus Scout Class II is an older, Terran-designed ship. As a scout, it has only light weapons systems and a relatively small cargo hold, but it's quite maneuverable.

Characteristics Edit

The Icarus is the first ship you get in GOF1 it's focused on being light and nimble. The lasers make for decent mid-ranged weapons and the close-ranged plasma weapons complement the lasers very nicely. it is more likely than not that you will be using the Icarus to complete the story as you probably won't be able to afford the Hawk or any other better ships so focus on spending your credits on better equipment. At 150 armor it is quite vulnerable so buying a shield is critical and during the main story you could look for better lasers, plasma or both (preference dependent).


  • Icarus is Keith T. Maxwell's very first ship in GOF1
  • This ship is as expensive as the hawk, yet the Hawk is not provided to the player, and it's genarally better. 
  • This ship is equipped with a Mercury Laser when you first get it 

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