Icarus Heavy AS
Icarus Heavy AS


Scatter Gun

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Known Price Range

-> 289,262$ (Augmenta) -> 356,787$ (K'ontrr)

Loma Price


The Icarus Heavy AS is a scatter gun whose projectiles explode in proximity of any asteroid or ship. It cannot be purchased in space stations, but must be constructed from a blueprint.

Description Edit

When this weapon's destructive potential became apparent on the field of battle, a law was created to prohibit its civil and military use. Since then, its deployment has violated all war conventions. Although nearly all stockpiles were destroyed in compliance, a few arms traders managed to steal the blueprint.


Scatterguns, in particular, stand out from other in that its projectiles travel very fast and far, bursting into small explosions when close to any ship or asteroid. If no target is approached by the projectile, no explosion is made.

The Icarus Heavy AS possesses the highest ability out of the three available through the Valkyrie add-on, though it fires the slowest at about once every second. The projectiles' extreme range and speed—farthest and second-fastest, respectively—and their explosive capabilities makes this weapon perfect for attacking clumps of ships from far away, before they can even register you as a target. Sacrificing a considerable amount of DPS output for increased range and power, this scattergun is worth the Mass Driver if the player does not particularly enjoy close-quarter combat.

This weapon is obtainable by building from its blueprint, or rarely looted from most wanted criminals.

The Icarus Heavy AS is comparable to beam lasers as it has long range and low DPS, but it fires much faster.


The blueprint for this weapon can be purchased in the Loma system for 200,000$ after the Valkyrie add-on has been installed, and requires the following:

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android)Edit

It costs 548,746$ to autocomplete.


The Icarus Heavy AS sells for 366,764 credits in Loma. Its production uses 193t of cargo space and 88,151 credits worth of items, resulting in 278,613 credits gained. That is 1,443 Credits per cargo space or net gain of 316%.

Quantities and Prices
Tons Items Unitprice
55 Gold 104 5720
51 Energy Cells 734 37434
31 Mechanical Supplies 309 6479
20 Microchips 84 1680
27 Hydraulics 125 3375
1 Doxtrit Core 343 343
1 Nirai Overdrive 30187 30187
7 Nanotech 419 2933
193 Total 88151

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