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Galaxy on Fire: Manticore Rising

Hayley Snocom. Call sign 'Manticore'. You should remember her name. Her courage, and ultimately, her end, marked a new beginning.

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Hayley “Manticore“ Snocom is the granddaughter of Brent Snocom – Chief Security Officer of the Terran Space Fleet. A young orphan with no direct kin left, she grew up under the guidance of her grandfather’s friend and comrade-in-arms Bryce Vantok, whose acceptance and appraisal she craves more than anything. She later joined the academy and received military training, but never finished her education as a fighter pilot. Instead, she left the Terran Navy after a clash with her instructor Sunita “Sun” Khanna and joined a private mercenary company called Nova Defense Services, where she joined the squad of no other than her former mentor Bryce Vantok.

Hayley is young, hotheaded and not afraid of anything. For as long as she can remember she has always had trouble accepting authorities and her courage often borders on recklessness. Knowing what it is like to be all on her own, she holds her 


Hayley 'Manticore' Snocom, or more commonly referred to as "Manticore" is the protagonist of Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore Rising. She is also known to be Brent Snocom's granddaughter.
Hayley "Manticore" Snocom

Hot-headed and fearless, Hayley "Manticore" Snocom loves to jump in the fire and got right where the action is.

Hayley is a young, hot-headed rookie pilot who became a mercenary after flunking out of the academy. As her last name suggests, she is a direct kin of an old acquaintance from the first two GoF games, namely the heavily modified Cyborg-Terran, Brent Snocom. Unlike her grandfather, however, she was never made to be a career soldier and live by the Terran Space Fleet’s strict code of conduct. Instead, the less formal but equally exciting gig at Nova Defense Services was more up her ally… after all, what better way is there to blow off steam than joining a hard-hitting mercenary squad and heading off to one of the most dangerous parts of known space?

Haley is likely to have met her end by the hands of a pirate group called 'Indigo Brink'. Although this has never been confirmed as she was never found. As far as we officially know at this moment, "her current whereabouts are unknown". In GOF 3: Manticore, we learn that Hayley was Saya's best friend. Captain Bryce permanently renamed the Hades to 'Manticore' in her honour. Hayley's favorite ship was the Styx.