Weapons systems

3 (Laser, Photon, Thermo)



Cargo Hold




The standard fighter of the Terran Space Fleet. It is  cheap to produce and is deployed mainly in squadrons. This fighter has a small cargo hold, adequate weaponry, and is very lightly built and therefore extremely maneuverable. Despite its strenghts, the Hawk fighter was eventually modified and replaced by the Inflict fighter, though the Hawk can still be bought at certain stations.

Characteristics Edit

The Hawk shares some similarities with the Icarus like mobility and, while the Hawk is 30 points more durable, caution is advised when on missions like captures or mine clearance. The Hawk is a strong candidate to replace the Icarus due to the improvements on practically every stat and proves itself as a reliable early game post-story ship, or even during the story if you can afford it. The weapons system is quite versatile as it covers short, medium and long ranged combat making the Hawk a pretty flexible fighter. However, like the Icarus, the Hawk is relatively vulnerable so a shield should be prioritized over a photon cannon.


  • The Hawk has a striking resemblance to the Inflict, a Terran ship avaliable in Galaxy on Fire 2. The Inflict may simply be a later version of the Hawk, like the Zephyr and Razor 6.
  • The Hawk is the ship used by Lt. Christine Hammond.
  • The Phantom is based on the Hawk.
  • There are many ships in the game that seem to be based off of the Hawk some examples would include the Pantom, Inflict and (indirectly) the HIro


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