It has little in the way of cargo space, but the Hatsuyuki is agile, heavily armed and very customizable. A masterpiece of Nivelian engineering.



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The Hatsuyuki is a ship of the Nivelian Republic. While about above-average in combat and customization ability, it is notable for its fragility from its small size and unconventional shape. In the standard Niveilan fleet, this ship is at the middle of the price range.


The Hatsuyuki defies the conventional forked shape and recessed cockpit that most of the Nivelian fleet possesses, and is instead in the shape of a Y when looking from the front. Two arms extend above and behind the cockpit, with a cannon and a slim wing at the end of each one. A much larger, spade- or boat-shaped third wing extends below and behind the cockpit from a thicker arm, with two missile pods at both sides of the arm. There are two engines stacked on top of each other, one directly behind and one below the cockpit, the latter with an air intake.

The configuration of its weapons systems goes as follows:

Primary ? ?
Secondary ? ?

Chart is read as if piloting the ship.

Its elegant, but frail, appearance reflects in its armor rating and cargo space—it is the weakest and smallest of the Nivelian fleet, respectively. However, these shortcomings are made up by its ability to equip two primary and secondary weapons, as well as its maneuverability, second only to the Dace. Its eight equipment slots, as the info page description states, make for a decently customizable ship that give it slight potential to adopt multiple roles.

This ship is meant for pilots that can care less about its staying power and take advantage of its agility to defeat opponents with a varied armament. It is not meant to either be a front-line attacker and absorb much gunfire, or to be able to trade efficiently and quickly.


Attribute Upgraded Stat Cost
Armor Rating 115 → 155 68,760$
Cargo Space 28 → 58 103,140$
Equipment Slots 8 → 9 137,520$
Handling 145 → 165 68,760$

 K  Upgrades are only available at the Kaamo Club space lounge.
Kaamo Club VIP card reduces upgrade costs by 50 percent.


  • The word "Hatsuyuki" comes from Japanese はつゆき(初雪), meaning "First Snow".
  • The name is also shared with a destroyer that served during World War II, as well as an class of destroyers that were built in the 1980s for the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (with one even being called Hatsuyuki).
  • It is the smallest ship in the game.