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Gunant Breh is the archetypal Midorian – true to his Nivelian background and culture, yet accepting liberal Terran concepts sweeping the galaxy. His warmth towards Terrans stems from his imprisonment during the Nivelian Civil War, when his wounds were treated by Terran doctors.

An innovator and opportunist, Gunant Breh is the designer of powerful mining tools such as the Gunant's Drill, the blueprints of which can be purchased directly from him at his station, Var Hastra.



Gunant Breh

Gunant Breh found Keith T. Maxwell floating in space aboard his disabled Phantom after the time-travelling incident. Breh took Maxwell in and put him work to pay off his debt. Once the debt was paid, Breh relinquished the ship Betty to Maxwell and brought him in contact with Norris Bernard, the commander of Kernstal station, supposing that he might be able to help Maxwell get back to Terran space.

In the Supernova DLC, Gunant Breh asks Maxwell to evacuate his son Gunant IV from a Midorian freighter stranded in the Valpatro orbit, one of the innermost planets affected by the Supernova, and, a little later in the story, teaches him to collect plasma so he can finish the Chromo Plasma blueprint.


  • Breh sold Maxwell's then 40 year old Phantom for 2 million credits to a collector.
    • However, at the beginning of the game, Breh stated that the Phantom was 'beyond repair'. This indicates that he lied in order to gain profit off of the ship.
    • Or the Phantom's engines are acturally dead, but it's still worth the price for the aesthetics.
  • He flew a Berger CrossXT but probably upgraded it after he sold the Phantom.
  • If Maxwell returns to Var Hastra using Khador Drive, he can meet Gunant Breh in the Space Lounge. Gunant will offer to sell Keith the blueprint for his drill, which needs to be mass-produced. He will also include a quote reading 'Ah the time traveller. 'Your back'
  • During the Nivelian Civil War he was imprisoned and severely wounded by his own kind, but Terran doctors healed him. Afterwards Gunant's attitude to Terrans had improved greatly.
  • He has a son named Gunant IV.
    • Being that his son's name is Gunant IV, Gunant Breh may be Gunant III and his father and grandfather are Gunant I and Gunant II or Gunant IV may have older brothers named Gunant II and Gunant III. 
  • Breh's profile picture that shows when Maxwell speaks to him actually changes from when Maxwell meets him OUTSIDE of the space lounge of Var Hastra to when he talks to him INSIDE the space lounge. Outside, he wears a purple space suit, but inside the space lounge, he wears a brown/beige/yellowish space suit and his face looks different, with a higher forehead.