A typical Grey


A Grey at a Nivelian space lounge


A Grey from the GOF1 era.

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Grey Empire Heraldry from Guide HD

In the GOF2 era, Greys are a species that are generally tall and slim with grayish blue skin. In the GOF1 era, Greys had a more pink-ish skin.


The Greys are one of the most ancient species in the known Universe. They were already traveling among the stars 2,000 years before Terrans and Vossks even went into space. Eventually the Greys developed into a vast intergalactic empire that covered half of the known Universe, but ultimately met its demise due to a mysterious disease.

There are rumors that the Greys have been visiting and monitoring the Terrans for thousands of years and may have been indirectly responsible for giving them the necessary technology for space travel inadvertently.


  • Greys and Cetis are the only two species who only have one name, as opposed to most species who seem to have a given name and surname.
  • The Greys' appearance may be based off of the common portrayal of aliens in human culture.
  • It seems that Greys' names always end with OR.
  • Even though Greys do have wingmen, they will fly pirate ships instead of their Vol Noors.

Famous GreysEdit

Known Grey PlanetsEdit

  • Torus in the Tjeya system.