Gram Blaster
Gram Blaster



Tech Level




Loading Speed


Damage per second






Known Price Range

-> 36,538$ (Ni'mrrod)
-> 41,703$ (Nesla)

Loma Price


The Gram Blaster is an entry-level weapon for the Hervarar blaster series. It is also the choice weapon for pirates.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Terran engineers are responsible for bringing the amazing Hervarar series of weapons to market. The Gram Blaster is deadly, easy to use, and looks damn good.


Blasters are very similar to pulsed lasers in that they produce damage in bursts of concentrated energy. However, blasters have lower loading speeds, and, consequently, faster rates of fire. Coupled with their damage per projectile, blasters can give about double the damage compared to pulsed lasers. As a tradeoff, their range has been reduced so they can be effective only in close- to mid-range combat.

The Gram Blaster fires bright pink spheres about three times a second. Predictably, it deals the least damage at the lowest projectile speeds of the Hervarar series, though its damage per projectile is the same as its successor, the Ridil Blaster. However, its range is the best of all damage-dealing blasters, shared with the H'nookk at 1600 metres.

The higher damage output offered by blasters is very appealing to pilots, but their lackluster range can turn away many. The Gram Blaster is a very good representative of its series, and is a stepping stone for other, stronger blasters.


  • "Hervarar" is derived from the Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks (The Saga of Hervar and Heidrek), a saga of Norse mythology. This saga was an source of inspiration for J. R. R. Tolkien's stories.
  • The name "Gram" is shared with a magical sword from Norse mythology.
  • The Midorian Most Wanted Criminal Nombur Talénah used a dismounted Gram Blaster to kill 4 of his comrades because they questioned the Nivelian government.
  • While this is pure speculation it could be possible that weapons used on ships could also be used for anti-personnel purposes as Nombur Talenah used this blaster to kill 4 others also the Targe shield states that it was used for personal protection which could make it possible that weapons were used for anti-personnel usage and have been repurposed for ship-based combat instead of person-based.
  • The only weapon are on par with this blaster on range was the H'nookk.


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