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The Ghost is a prototype Nivelian fighter that, as stated in the info page description, is a result of the Nivelians' efforts of building an agile, but heavily armored stealth fighter, and performs as such (but without native stealth ability).

It was introduced in versions 1.1.9 and 1.1.3 for the SD and HD versions of Galaxy on Fire 2, respectively, along with the Dark Angel and the N'Tirrk.


The Ghost follows traditional Nivelian ship design with a recessed cockpit within thin, long wings that contribute to its overall forked shape. The wings, both angled about 30 Degrees downward, each hold two cannons at each edge of them. Towards the aft, on each of the raised parts of the wing, are the two missile pods, as well as the Elite Ghost emblems seen on the Scimitar and Specter . The Ghost's three engines are below the raised wings and directly behind the angular cockpit. There are two smaller cannons right in front and underneath the cockpit, but they do not function. Overall, it has a very bulky look to it, which, along with its armament, immediately hints at its capabilities.

The configuration of its weapon systems goes as follows:

Primary 1 3 4 2
Secondary 2 1

Chart is read as if piloting the ship.

The Ghost is capable of a variety of combat options with its ability to mount four primary and two secondary weapons, as well as its impressive amount of equipment slots. Along with a high armor and agility rating, this ship can adopt multiple roles, going from a from a formidable attacker to a self-sufficient trader from just switching a couple of pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, the only aspect missing from its intended role is a pre-installed cloaking device that is present in its descendant ships.

Its steep $6,000,000 price tag justifies the potential it offers in and outside of combat. 


Attribute Upgraded Stat Cost
Armor 530 → 570 2,400,000$
Handling 135 → 155 2,400,000$
Equipment 14 → 15 4,800,000$
Cargo 50 → 80 3,600,000$

 K Upgrades are only available at the Kaamo Club space lounge.
Kaamo Club VIP card reduces upgrade costs by 50 percent.


  • From the ship's appearance and backstory, It can be easily assumed that the Ghost formed the basis for the Scimitar and Specter ships that hold significance in the Supernova add-on.
  • This and the three other ships introduced in the 1.1.9 SD and 1.1.3 HD update (as well as a number of other ships before) are never seen being piloted by opponents and non-player characters.
  • The Ghost does seem to play a part when it comes to the Specter and Supernova, although one reason for why it is never used by Nivelian station defense is that the Ghost project was abandoned. Trunt and the Black Guard probably picked up this prototype to use.