Gendol Ethor
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Most Wanted


Dead (if bounty collected)


Galaxy on Fire 2

In-Game DescriptionEdit

In his earlier days, Gendol Ethor was a popular stage actor and a posterboy Nivelian. But his picture book life became more and more corrupted when he began to drink regularly after every performance. In his worst times, he drank two or three bottles of Nesla Brandy per day. After several years of heavy boozing, Gendol Ethor ultimately paid the price for his self-destructive lifestyle when he accidently struck a young terran autograph hunter dead in an alcoholic rage at a gala in Katashán. This occurance caused such a stir, that the Nivelian Security Counsel couldn't help but give in to the pressure and put Ethor's mane on the list of the faction's most wanted criminals. He's been on the run ever since.


  • Gendol Ethor is the third criminal on the Terran Most Wanted board.
  • His bounty is 75,000$

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