Description Edit

Gas Cloud Mining is a mission that appears in the Supernova DLC. Gas Cloud Mining is the same as Ore Mining but it requires a Plasma Filter and a Plasma Collector which is used and mounted like a turret.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Lock on to the gas cloud and fire a special missile. Using Ion Lambda MK1 or Ion Lambda MK2.
  • Use a plasma harvester to collect it before it all dissipates. Using PE Proton, PE Ambipolar-5 or PE Fusion H2. Switch to turret view after firing the missile and face the turret rearward. Aim the turret at the plasma as it goes past.
  • When collecting Red Plasma be sure to not use your booster or make any sudden movements because it is volatile cargo so you may explode (be sure to watch the red bar where your cargo hold # is).