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Gamma Shield

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Gamma Shielding


Known Price Range

->26,496$ (Eanya)
->27,526$ (Aquila)

"Like I said, I'll help how I can, but I'll probably need hull enhancements before going back out in that gamma storm...'"

~ Keith to Bargand Surr on his first trip to Ginoya

The Gamma Shield I allows ships to withstand the energy of gamma radiation longer.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

A basic means of protection against high gamma radiation. This shield is mostly used in the research of solar activities.


The effects of gamma shields are not apparent until the player takes their ship into irradiated space.

When in irradiated space with a gamma shield equipped, the visible solar winds can be seen being deflected by the bubble of the shield. The deflections are always on the side facing the star, no matter the orientation of the ship.

Up on the top left of the HUD, where the shield meters are, a third one appears below the yellow/red armor/hull meter. The icon is a radioactive hazard symbol and the meter that extends from it is orange. Like the other two shield meters, it is a relative measure of how much longer a ship can stand the gamma radiation.

Important story missions in the Ginoya system will gradually get longer as it plays out, and this gamma shield performs very well at the pace a typical veteran of this game will take. However, if the player takes their ship beyond Var Lupra, they will notice the significant time crunch as the gamma shield bar creeps down faster than at Var Lupra.

Interpretation of StatisticEdit

Because the shield deflects 40% of the gamma radiation, a ship can last 1.667 times longer before it breaks down. The following table shows the approximate amount of time a ship can survive from the orbits of the five planets surrounding Ginoya. Times are in minutes (mm:ss).

No Shield (Base Time)

Gamma Shield I Ratio (BT÷GS-I)
Tadram 5:30 9:10 0.600
Var Lupra 3:18 5:30 0.623
Luur 1:39 2:45 0.600
Valpatro 0:50 1:22 0.610
Naneroh 0:33 0:55 0.610

Times are off by about ±0.2 seconds. No times for post-Supernova Naneroh, yet :(