Game Objectives Edit

The main game objective is, of course, to complete the main storyline.

If you have the Valkyrie or Supernova add-ons, then you are also trying to complete those storylines.

If you are finished with all those, however, what will you do next?

You may find yourself at a loss, and start to get bored with the game (it happened to me).

I found it useful to formulate a list of the game objectives to work toward. Here, I will spare you the trouble.

A List of the objectivesEdit

1. Complete the three storylines

2. Obtain your preferred Ship

3. Obtain your preferred Weapons and Equipment

4. Find and visit all the Systems

5. Find and obtain all the blueprints

6. Defeat all the most wanted criminals

7. Buy the Kaamo Club

8. Earn all gold and orange medals

Feel free to add to this page if you think of another game objective.

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