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Welcome <insert name here> to the Galaxy on Fire Wiki! We are the best source of info on Fishlabs' games Galaxy on Fire 3D, Galaxy on Fire 2 and Galaxy on Fire: Alliances. We currently have 768 articles on the wiki, since August 2010. If you don't know what to do here, go visit the help page or message any admin listed below with your concerns.

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The flying fortress of the wanted criminal Qyrr Myfft is the titanium-plated dream of every fighter pilot. With extremely powerful weapons, lots of cargo space, above average armor and... Read more

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Did You Know? (Spoiler Alert!)

  • ...that the credit limit of GOF2 is a little bit over 2 billion and over that the game resets the credit count back to zero?
  • ...that Keith T. Maxwell gets drunk at the end of the base game of GOF2?
  • ...that the Fireworks bomb does only 1 hitpoint of damage?
  • ...that Carla Paolini is Keith's love interest and plan on to get married?
  • ...that Carla worried more about curtains than the Midorian Supernova in Supernova?
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