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Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore
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Release Date

December 8, 2016






GoF3: Manticore Rising



"The Neox Sector. Purgatory on the outskirts of space. Out here, pirates rage, and crime lords rule. But to us, they're just another payday."

–Voiceover from first teaser trailer

Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore is the sequel to Galaxy on Fire 2, developed by Deep Silver Fishlabs and is the fourth entry into the Galaxy on Fire series.


The game is set in the Neox Sector, a far-off part of the galaxy that is filled with warlords and mercenaries. The protagonist for Rising is Hayley Snocom, but the protagonist for the main game is created by the player themselves, as stated in the Fishlabs Dev Blog. Bryce Vantok refers to you as "kid", but can later on in Act 2 call you "ace".

The initial plot (Act One) revolves around hunting for the leader of the Gr'Gath pirate gang, Sh'Gaal. When Act One concludes, Act Two, and subsequently, the Porros sector is unlocked. Currently, there is no Act Three, and the Rigant Sector is inaccessible.



Manticore is based around the "freemium" scheme, involving multiple currencies - the original credits, and the new ore exclusive to this game, Mhaan-tiq. Mhaan-tiq is a much rarer currency, and is less easy to obtain, compared to credits. Very small amounts are given out after missions, alongside credits. However, it can be obtained via iAPs (In-App Purchases) - or as it is called in-game, the black market.


Primary Weapons, Secondary weapons and Ships can be upgraded, but are unlike those in Galaxy on Fire 2. There are currently 5 upgrade 'stages', and for Ships, 4 elements can be upgraded 5 times: Reactor, Generator, Structure and Engine. Depending on the Ship or Weapon, a certain amount of credits is needed. The higher the upgrade stage, the more costly the upgrades become. Upgrades will take time to take effect, costing more and more each level. Upgrades currently require credits, not Mhaan-tiq. However, Mhaan-Tiq is required to speed up upgrades, similar to other freemiums.

The game has a ranking system which is based on your gained XP. Each ship also has a ranking, which is determined by your ships 'hull', 'energy' and 'shield' stats, and by the stats of your primary weapon levels. Secondary weapons and sip specials are currently not included in this ranking. New weapons and equipment will be made available with higher ranks.

There are currently 3 classes of ships: Scouts, Fighters and Gunships. Each with their own characteristics. Depending on the type of mission, one type suits better than the other. Some ships will be familiair for GOF and GOF2 players. All ships have 2 primary weapon slots (equipping 4 guns in total), one secondary weapon slot and 1 or 2 special slots. There are Terran, Vossk and Nivellian ships, as well as a variety of specially adapted ships based on their original hulls. Interestingly, the once-powerful Aegir and Bloodstar are incredibly weak from around level 7 onwards, making them effectively a waste of 1K+ Mhaan-Tiq.

There are currently 3 primary weapon types: Plasma, Laser and Ballistic. You can fit 2 primary weapons (giving it 2 of each) on your ships. Each weapon is measured by 'impact', 'fire rate', 'range' and 'accuracy'. The strongest enemies in the game have certain weak spots based on these 3 weapon types. Meaning, you might need to adapt your setup to counter certain enemies.

For each mission, you can select 2 wingmen. The wingmen ships and load outs are based on actual players, and these players get a mercenary payout each time they are called in by another player. You can make friends and select wingmen from your friends list, as some are stronger than others, or use a specific setup you need for a certain mission.

Dev Blogs

February 2016

March 2016

April 2016

May 2016

At this time, DSFishlabs announced an exclusive 360° video of official Manticore gameplay. This video can be found here.

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

September 2016

October 2016

November 2016

At this time, DSFishalabs revealed a cinematic teaser for Manticore. The link can be found here.


  • Free roaming (flying outside missions) wasn't present in the initial release, however is now a major part of the game.
  • Originally, all speech was shown solely through text, with no audio. However, full voiceover is now present.
  • There is no docking at any stations/jumpgates, etc. After every mission, you are automatically returned to The Manticore. In free-roam, flying to a Jumpgate will also return you home.



CGI Launch Trailer

CGI Launch Trailer

Official Website

*Spoilers, for the first few weeks of the game's release, will not be tolerated here. Please refer to the rules page for more info.

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