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November 25, 2013 (iOS)



Where your life depends on the alliances you forge.
–Line from the cinematic trailer of GoFA

Galaxy on Fire Alliances, abbreviated as GoFA, is a multiplayer stratagy game from Fishlabs, set in the Galaxy on Fire universe. It is a free-to-play, resource-based, real-time strategy game. It is a spinoff of the Galaxy on Fire series. The game takes place within the Shroud Nebula, a hitherto uncharted region of space that has only recently been discovered. 


The gameplay takes place within the Shroud Nebula, a newly discovered region of space with valuable resources and rare artifacts left over from an exctinct alien species known as The Old Ones. The various major governments in the Galaxy on Fire universe send off their best commanders to explore and colonize this newfound territory for themselves.


Initially, the player chooses their species. They can choose from Terrans, Nivelians, and Vossk. The player starts off on a single planet, known as Home1, within a home system with three planets, and harvests resources and builds ships. Home2 is empty and can be colonized, and Home3 is occupied by pirates, which the player must take over. After taking all three planets in the home system, the player can open their jumpgate, which is a gateway toward the rest of the Shroud Nebula. From here the player can attack other players, join or create an alliance, and colonize other planets. There are specified limits to how many ships a player can build and planets they can own, and players are unable to build or colonize past these limits, unless by exploiting bugs within the game, using 3rd party programs, or legally purchasing extensions from the in game store.

In GoFA, battles occur whenever a player or group of players attacks another player. Battles are split into various stages. The first stage of a battle is the ship battle, where the smaller craft fight each other. Battles are computed in a rock-paper-scissors type format, where fighters are good against interceptors, bombers are good against fighters, and interceptors are good against bombers.

After the ship battle occurs, there is a chance that a stage known as "Carrier Escape" will happen. This usually happens when one side of a battle does not bring any smaller craft and only has carriers, though, this is not always true. During the Carrier escape, the carriers and bombers of both sides fire at the other side's carriers. All ships and troops stationed on a destroyed carrier are also destroyed. 

The last and final stage of the battle is the ground battle, which only occurs if the ship battle is won by the attackers. During this stage, the attackers' bombers group together to bomb enemy troops on the planet. Afterward, the attackers' ground troops and the defenders' ground troops fire at each other. If this stage of the battle is won by the attackers, the planet is taken over by the attackers. The attacking player that brought the most troops with at least one planet slot available will own the planet.

After an update, NPC Voids were added to the game. Voids won't attack active players unless aggressed upon first, and otherwise only attack planets owned by deleted or inactive accounts. Each Void NPC has a single wormhole planet, which sends reinforcements to the other planets within the Void cluster. If the wormhole is taken over, the Voids will stop sending reinforcements to their planets. Players can attack Void planets to earn Void crystals, which can be used to build advanced Void Carriers, which are faster and have larger hanger spaces than any other carrier in the game.

Artwork and ScreenshotsEdit

These are from Fishlabs and not from players.


GDC 2013 Galaxy On Fire Alliances12:26

GDC 2013 Galaxy On Fire Alliances

GDC 2013 - Galaxy on Fire Alliances for iOS-014:59

GDC 2013 - Galaxy on Fire Alliances for iOS-0

GDC 2013 - Galaxy on Fire Alliances (Overview)-005:46

GDC 2013 - Galaxy on Fire Alliances (Overview)-0

Fishlabs' Michael Schade talks about Galaxy on Fire Alliances03:08

Fishlabs' Michael Schade talks about Galaxy on Fire Alliances

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by FISHLABS - Cinematic Intro Sequence01:19

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by FISHLABS - Cinematic Intro Sequence

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