GOF2 Exploits and glitches

- all found by V0idXT, or if anyone has discovered it before me, please comment ________________________________________

Pirates at Kaamo:

Note: this is done after you've purchased Kaamo club with 30 million and 50 t of buskat or by iap.

Require: Kaamo Club

Get a secure cabin/container after you've accepted a rescue/get it back mission and cancel mission. Go to kaamo station with the secure cabin and you will find pirates there. ________________________________________

Cargo Space Clog:

Cancel a "x is on one of # ships at x system" mission when you've collected the item/cabin. You won't be able to remove it. The only way you can remove it is if you take another similar mission and fail it. The secure cabin or container will disappear. ________________________________________

Same ships in Kaamo:

Note: this is helpful if you want to obtain the "Ship Collector" Medal

Require: Kaamo Club

Buy a random ship (in this case I'll use an Inflict) and sell your old one. Buy your own ship back and select "keep" so the Inflict will be transported to Kaamo Club. Find another Inflict and this time, repeat but now send your OWN ship to Kaamo club. Go to Kaamo with the 2nd Inflict and switch to your old ship. You now have 2 Inflicts in your station. ________________________________________

Invisible Controls

Require: Drill

Find an asteroid anywhere. Scan it and fly towards it in autopilot. Before you reach the asteroid, go into free-look mode. Your mining controls will disappear. If you tap the place where the fire button normally is, it will abort and your controls will be invisible.

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