• A Terran freighter in GOF2 HD.
  • A Vossk freighter in GOF2 HD.
  • A Midorian freighter in GOF2 HD.
  • A Nivelian freighter in GOF2 HD.
Freighters are responsible for transporting goods between systems. They are defenseless and require fighter escorts to defend against raiders and Pirates. They sometimes carry valuable loot, which could be sold for extra money.

  • The Terran Freighter features the word "Cargo" on either side of the rear engine panels. Its the only Freighter of any faction to do so.
  • Terran freighters will only appear in Terran, Mido and Nivelian Systems.

  • Vossk "K'Sarr" freighters follow the same colour scheme as the rest of Vossk's technologies. They also follow the insectoid-like style of Vossk ships.
  • Vossk Freighters tend to carry more valuable loot than other freighters.
  • Toward the end of the Void Threat period, Erkkt Uggut, a Vossk commander, piloted a K'Sarr freighter loaded with Nivelian-Terran explosives blew up the Void Mothership and sacrificed himself in the process.
  • In the description for the L'ksaar turret, it mentions that the Vossk arms its "K'saar" freighters, a fishlabs moderator has stated this is not the same as the existing Vossk freighter

  • Midorian freighters are also made of salvaged parts from other ships. These are also found in the Ginoya System, as far as Naneroh.
  • The Midorian freighter comes in two variants, "heavy" which includes all hull cargo pods; and "light" which only contains the front and rearmost pods.

  • Because of the raised bridge, it is possible to hitch a ride on top of these freighters.
  • The Midorian Freighter looks similar to the Nivelian Freighter, perhaps because Midorian Ships are based off Nivelian Ships.
  • Midorians captured a couple of Nivelian freighter that transported the bomb needed to destroy the Void Mothership in the base game.
  • On the back near the engines, the line in between them, can come in white, blue, green, and orange colour.