Fluxed Matter Shield
Fluxed matter shield gen 250
Fluxed Matter Shield Generator



Tech Level




Loading speed


Price Range

-> 83,951$ (Augmenta)
-> 101,914$ (Ni'mrrod)

In-Game Description Edit

Anti-matter shields have been under development for some time, but have only recently become commercially available due to a major breakthrough in stabilization technology. The inventors did not get to enjoy their success for long, as the blueprints were stolen a few days after the discovery was made. There are rumors that a network of black market traders are currently trying to get rich by selling the plans.

Blueprint Edit

The blueprint for this equipment can be purchased for 59,999$ at the K'ane station in the Ni'mrrod System.

For 1t Fluxed Matter Shield:

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android)Edit

For 1t Fluxed Matter Shield in Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android):

It costs 349,946 credits to autocomplete.


  • The cyclindrical part of the Fluxed Matter Shield looks like cyclidrical part on a Gamma Shield II.
  • It seems that the Fluxed Matter Shield uses anti-matter to generate a shield.


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